A Gym Success, Bad Habits, and More !

A Gym Success

I spent most of last Thursday with a pretty bad migraine. The tree pollen in the south is a little worse than I expected, and working out in a open gym environment with the giant doors open had me a little worried for Friday's workout. But, it worked out better than expected. It was a killer routine once again, and it was lower body day.  I won't go through each and every workout, but I CAN say that I left the gym excited and exhausted. I made it through the workout without a headache. I finished all of the exercises, kept up with all of the fit people and felt great. I had an extra bounce in my step when I left the gym, followed by a slow limp, followed by a wobble. Damn you leg day.

Bad Habits

This morning I woke up and as I always do, I checked my phone. I had 5-6 alerts and about 20-30 emails. The surge of panic went through my body and immediately felt the stress of 'Monday'. Why do so many of us start out morning checking our devices first thing in the morning? Emails, texts, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. So much visual and cognitive stimulation and you are only up for less than 5 minutes! I remember a time when our day started at a given time. You got up had your coffee, read the paper, comics first of course (Oh that silly Marmaduke and Family Circus,) and then you headed out for work. You eased into your day. Today, it is so different. I can almost feel the cortisol gushing through my body in the mornings. So much so that It actually puts me in a virtual panic every single day. Thank you technology for making us so much more efficient.  My promise to myself is that I will try to ease into my morning. While I can't really ignore my emails and texts since it is just not the world we live in anymore. I can however, put it off until after I wake up a little. Little victories.

Cool Toys

My 10lb Mace from Onnit came in the mail the other day. I will write more about it this week. I also   will update everyone on the Neurolink supplement I was taking. They will be added to another section on the blog. Any reviews that I write about will be 100% my thoughts and feelings, the good and the bad. 

I hope everyone is enjoying my little blog. Right now, I have really only been posting on the Fat Burning Tribe, but I am going to open it up to Instagram and Facebook as well. So feel free to share any article or post :)