D1 Athletics, I hate you

Ok maybe its not you.. its me


OK, I maybe hate is a strong word. But I really dislike you right now. You pushed my body to the breaking point.  I sweat harder than I ever have, was sucking wind like I was breathing through a straw and I had a massive headache after.  So I guess you can say I had a great workout. 

I arrived at D1 and for some reason I was actually nervous. There were fit people all around including a few that were getting ready to do the 5pm class with me.  I felt intimidated. "I shouldn't be here," I kept thinking. I am going to do this class and quit (I signed up for a two month special BTW.)  But, I was there so I figured what the heck.  

The class started out easy enough, warm ups, ahhhhhh I can handle this. The warm up included some a 200 yard jog followed by sprints, then on to some dynamic stretching and so on. Next, we went into some push ups to sprints, burpees to sprints and I think some other exhausting routines that I cant remember because at that point my brain was already shutting down.  Next, on to the weight room, that I did remember sine we had a few minutes to catch our breath and take in some oxygen. The weight routine was not bad. It has been about a month or so since I touched a weight, which in workout terms might as well be a year. But I got through it. So I am done right ? Great workout, lets high five and go home .... Not so fast we have more to do. hammer curls, to shoulder press, to sprints.. more friggen sprints.....

A few quick lessons

Lesson 1: Always listen close to your instructor. Especially when you think you hear one more round and immediately think that the workout is over.  It is not over.  One more round means, one more round until the next time I say one more round, so don't be a jackass and give your all out effort on round two. Who every does two rounds in a workout ? It is three.. it is always three. I didn't listen

Lesson 2: If you think you want to quit. Don't. This is not easy. I didn't think It would be. (Ok maybe I thought it would be a little easier.) My body will get conditioned. My mind will be less cloudy. So this is a message to my future self for when I go back and read these posts. Especially when I am ready to give up, again. Don't do it. Small setbacks do not mean failure. They are just a small speed bump on your journey.  I am going to give this my best effort. 

I will leave you all with one note. A reward. My 8 year-old daughter says she is my trainer. So after my workout she gave me a reward.  :)