As I mentioned previously, D1 Athletics is a group training facility that does sports training, it also does adult boot camps, that is my new workout and I love it.  I noticed something last night though at my class that made me realize something. Disclaimer: This is my perception, it may not be the way it is at all,  but, it is my feelings and it is the way I see it.  I felt that all of the fit people  kind of stuck together, they talked, they encouraged each other, they were in their own "click".  At the end of the workout I sat on the floor and tried to catch my breath while stretching and I looked around. No one made eye contact with me, as they left no-one said good bye to me, nothing not even the trainer said a word. They did however say goodbye to pretty much everyone else. I felt, invisible. I know that is a totally stupid thing to even say, but like I said that is the way it felt. The funny thing is that I was always a popular guy growing up, happy, joked around a lot, and I was fit. Was that a coincidence ?  Do I really need to be fit and attractive to make new friends here in my new state?  Will people accept me for who I am ?  Am I overthinking this whole thing ?  I probably am.  

I know I promised that I would write every day without fail, but the truth is I have been a little down. I ate like crap over the weekend and I just wanted to lay down and sulk.  Today, I feel a little bit better andI brought my lunch into my office today.  

10:30am update

It is only 10:30am and I am already stressed out. I won't go into too many details online, but this should be a good test of how I handle my eating etc.....